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Track 1 (of 10) off of the 2005 Declans Well record, "Getting Away With Nothing Important"



There will come a time in your life when you will start to question everything. You will begin to wonder how you went from first, to second, to dead last. You will then realize that everything you stand for is both corrupt and profane, but almost nobody knows; and those who do, will never say a word. You will start to question people's integrity, character and concern. These people will then support you, praise you, build you up and break you back down. You will learn to trust certain individuals, begin to rely on certain results; Results in which you know you can rely on. Everything you say will be taken to heart, but not that heart of deeper concern. It will be the heart of fear, jealousy, and intimidation. All of your actions will be closely observed, as if you were actually getting away with something of importance. You will begin to notice certain things; things you may not approve of, things you may be in favor of, things you could care less about. You will then wonder where you are going to end up, and if you are making the right decisions. Or if you are just destroying everything for which you wanted to stand. But almost nobody knows, and those who do.


from Getting Away With Nothing Important, released May 5, 2005
Copyright Keenan Gaynor, 2005


all rights reserved


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