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COVER of Graham Smith / Kleenex Girl Wonder's "HEARTLE$$" - kgw.me/track/heartle


I know you've been lyin' to your therapist,
telling him horrible things.
You say you've been trying to take care of it,
oh you're adorable.
You tell me I'm ignorant and arrogant,
knowing full well how it stings
to hear you tell the truth for once.
But it's like I've been tellin' you...

It doesn't take much to make an idiot
out of an autodidact.
Find yourself a nice young lady from the city,
get out of your element.
For the hell of it, tell her it's irrelevant
whether or not she's attractive.
Yeah just tell her she's overreacting,
till she accepts it as a matter of absolute fact.

No need to be heartless.
Whenever you feel conflicted think of Arli$$,
fucking Robert Wuhl and stuff your pockets full.

You see I am no sports super agent,
but we've all got invoices due for payment
and one of mine's got your name on it,
oh this part of the job's my favorite.
You do something, you pay for it.
It's beautiful in its basicness,
but at least you'll get your portrait painted,
life's a bitch though ain't it, ain't it?

And I know I've been telling you the opposite,
blabbering on and on.
But I also told you, sometimes you've gotta get
crude and demonstrative, and repeat the obvious.
It's like I'm talking to God sometimes,
and it's not sometimes
and it's not quite right somehow.
But let's be honest, I slept through a lot of it,
believe or not I'm just

Whenever I look in the mirror I see Arli$$.
I don't look like Robert Wuhl but I'm God awful
and retarted.
You tell me I'm not but I know I am
Fucking Robert Wuhl, fucking Robert Wuhl.


from Campaign Capsized, released March 11, 2013
written by Graham Smith / Klenex Girl Wonder (KGW)
recorded by Keenan Gaynor
additional vocals by Kazuki Daimo.
mixed by Joseph Stasio (beardedaxe.net)


all rights reserved


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