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This album exists thanks to & the generosity of the following human beings:

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Artwork by Jack Teagle - high quality images below:


released March 11, 2013

written/recorded by Keenan Gaynor
additional vocals by Kazuki Daimo.
guitars by Chris Grzan.
mixed/mastered by Joseph Stasio (

artwork by Jack Teagle (


all rights reserved


Track Name: Overexposure
The nights spent over
the overexposure,
destruct, impair, break down.

But as this cold shoulder,
grows older and older,
the worst is over now.
Track Name: Life Preserver
You lit the fuse,
I watched the flames,
trickle down the wire of our empire.
We let it burn,
We both took turns,
as the flames engulfed our concerns.
I'm jumping ship and I'm floating with
the life preserver that I call home.
While you ego trip and can't keep a grip,
just sinking like a stone.
A stone.

I don't give a shit what you're doing,
and I don't give a shit where you're moving on.
I don't give a shit who you're doing,
I don't give a shit 'cause you led me on.
You led me on.
Track Name: Not Quite Right
Between the bright lights
and the stage fright,
just wishful hoping that you might.
But on these late nights
you take flight,
confirming you are not quite right.
Your appreciation is out of sight tonight.
Just further proof that we are not quite right,
for life.
Track Name: Heartle$$
I know you've been lyin' to your therapist,
telling him horrible things.
You say you've been trying to take care of it,
oh you're adorable.
You tell me I'm ignorant and arrogant,
knowing full well how it stings
to hear you tell the truth for once.
But it's like I've been tellin' you...

It doesn't take much to make an idiot
out of an autodidact.
Find yourself a nice young lady from the city,
get out of your element.
For the hell of it, tell her it's irrelevant
whether or not she's attractive.
Yeah just tell her she's overreacting,
till she accepts it as a matter of absolute fact.

No need to be heartless.
Whenever you feel conflicted think of Arli$$,
fucking Robert Wuhl and stuff your pockets full.

You see I am no sports super agent,
but we've all got invoices due for payment
and one of mine's got your name on it,
oh this part of the job's my favorite.
You do something, you pay for it.
It's beautiful in its basicness,
but at least you'll get your portrait painted,
life's a bitch though ain't it, ain't it?

And I know I've been telling you the opposite,
blabbering on and on.
But I also told you, sometimes you've gotta get
crude and demonstrative, and repeat the obvious.
It's like I'm talking to God sometimes,
and it's not sometimes
and it's not quite right somehow.
But let's be honest, I slept through a lot of it,
believe or not I'm just

Whenever I look in the mirror I see Arli$$.
I don't look like Robert Wuhl but I'm God awful
and retarted.
You tell me I'm not but I know I am
Fucking Robert Wuhl, fucking Robert Wuhl.
Track Name: Family Waves
I got a secret that nobody knows
And when I am sleeping the story will grow
Out of my heart dear and into the air
It tells me to follow, but I wouldn't dare
I know if I do, it will lead me right back to your door

On your own...
Pull us together
Pull us apart
Follow the weather
Follow your heart
You'll find me there on the shore
Fighting the family waves.
And nothing changes
It stays the same
After fifteen months
It's still your name that's on my lips
Until we get a chance to get back together

The tide has been shifting for years upon years
Everyone knew but it fell on deaf ears
By the time we discovered, it was too late
Cast ourselves out as the victims of fate
But now we realize the power was ours all along.


And I can't stand the thought
The feeling of his heartbeat next to yours
But no one knows what's said behind closed doors
There's nothing but sorry's..

We dream of something good
But nothing ever turns out like it should
We're falling through the cracks where we once stood
There's nothing but sorry's...
But sorry's brought you here.

(Family waves are coming)
and I'm diving deep inside of it
(Family waves are coming)
and you're running at the sight of it
(Family waves are coming)
and I'm dreaming of our sons and daughters
(Family waves are coming)
and you're heading for the open waters

On your own
On your own
On your own
On your own
On your own
Fighting the family waves.
Track Name: Faith
Losing my faith in love.
Repeating the same mistakes
you made when you were growing up.
Losing my faith in love.
Repeating the same mistakes
you made when you were growing up,
but it doesn't even phase you.
Track Name: Expired
When did my youth expire?
When did I become so tired?
My goals, my plans retired,
tucked in the shadows of those who I admire.
And things seem dire...

When will I learn,
how to U-turn?
When will I earn,
enough to be considered
one of the highest bidders?

Where my excellence go?
Now there's no space left to grow.
My future plans in escrow,
from the people I've yet to know.
With nothing to show...

When will I learn,
how to U-turn?
When will I earn,
enough to be considered
one of the highest bidders?
Track Name: Two Thousand and Five
I need the clean conscious of,
my new born self.
I need the confidence I had,
between 6 and 12.
And I need the creativity,
I had when I was 13.
I need the passion, the rhythm, the drive
I had in 2005.
Track Name: Holding On, For Sure Pt. III (Moving On, For Sure)
And when the curtains close on us,
they will follow through with their demands,
of an encore.
But I'm running for the door,
and the nearest local liquor store,
and your moving on for sure,
to the way things used to be before.

For sure.

And don't worry about me,
or the person I'll turn out to be.
I will always be the same.
But you're changing more and more,
now trending on the football score,
and I'm moving on for sure,
with the things I'd like to keep in store.

In store
In store
In store
For Sure.

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